The World Around Us

While reading “Ecosystems and Human Well-Being” I became a little uneasy.  It was talking about how we haven’t been doing our part for the environment and if there aren’t major changes made soon the results will be enormous.  It talked about how there aren’t any simple fix from this and all the problems that are happening are caused from years and years of small problems that have been built on one another and now showing damage.  It was scary to think about how landfills are getting full, there could possibly be food shortage, and water rationings.  After reading this along with discussions in class, it really opened my eyes that I also play a part in all of this.  Even though I’m just one person every little bit helps.  I have started being more cautious about recycling and because I am now being more cautious friends of mine are as well.  I think as humans we always think, “Oh, it will never happen to me” but here we are…and it’s happening.  I for one was in that boat.  I never took the time to stop and think that my actions would play a part in the environment because I’m just one person.  But if everyone just does their part, being one person turns into millions helping out. Knowing what I know now about all the damage that is being caused I want to learn more about landfills and how we can make things more sustainable.

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