Will parts of the world result to cannibalism?

Since this was the first week of really getting into what the class would be about for the rest of the semester, I did not think that I would have any epiphanies.  This was not the case.  During our readings of The Lessons of Easter Island, I began to realize that certain things that happened in the history of one of the most remote places on earth could very easily happen to us in the United States.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could result to cannibalism, but this is what happened on Easter Island.  Depleting our world’s resources too quickly will lead to extreme fight-or-flight situations.  These are situations that can be avoided with the right knowledge.  If history repeats itself on a larger scale, we could be placed in dire situations exactly like those on Easter Island.

This reading was very useful to me because I began to notice things happening around me that could evolve into a setting like that of Easter Island.  Deforestation came to mind immediately.  So did our water usage and dependence on oil.  Although these situations would be extreme, it is something that citizens can prevent.

We need to stop using one type of resource so extensively and try to develop new methods of doing the same things with different resources.  Spending more of our time trying to develop things of that nature would be more beneficial to our entire world than the usual ways that we spend our free time.

Learning about such an extreme situation will definitely make me more aware of what is going on in other countries that will potentially affect Americans.  I want to learn more about how the United States is depleting certain resources and also what everyone worldwide is doing to prevent the depletion of these resources.

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1 Response to Will parts of the world result to cannibalism?

  1. emhan1 says:

    Your interpretation of what happened to lead to the demise of Easter island is insightful. However, your fears that the same thing can occur again can be mitigated because Easter Island was remote, and self-contained. Today we live in a global society where we support one another. It is valid to be concerned about the actions of other countries, but the emphasis should be on protecting our own sustainability.

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