The Power of Knowledge

This week the various changes that Wal-Mart has made and plan to make in the future, to become a sustainable company was introduced in discussion. This was surprising as well as encouraging to discover.  With Wal-Mart being such a large company, the changes that they have already made are extremely beneficial to the environment.  It is surprising that they have made the choice to become sustainable since they are such a large company despite some of these changes actually saving them money.

This information is important to me because I think it is important to support the companies that are making the effort to become sustainable.  Before learning this I avoided going to Wal-Mart because I viewed it as a large corporation that just wanted to make money.  Now I feel like I should shop there because I know that they are becoming sustainable and are probably more sustainable than the other places I can buy my groceries.

I have already changed my shopping habits because of this information.  Instead of going to another grocery store today because it is closer, I went to Wal-Mart. I would like to learn what other companies are implementing sustainable practices so that I can make sure to buy things from them instead of the ones that are not sustainable at all.

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