Educating the younger generation

This week my epiphany was not necessarily over our Tuesday discussion, but rather our project being conducted within our Field Teams.  I liked working with a different set of people and discussing some of the same issues that we discuss every week with our Learning Community.  I got to see what other members in our class thought about environmental sustainability.  For our Field Team project we decided to do it over water consumption and how we could teach it to children.  Having to explain environmental sustainability to children, we discovered, might be a lot harder than we thought.  This not only opened MY eyes on these issues, but also helped me realize how I can educate others on those issues.

 I feel like re-discussing this information about water consumption used to grow cotton is useful information to learn and can be used in my future by helping me realize that every t-shirt I get made for some sorority event is only hurting our environment.  This will actually make me think twice before just ordering another shirt that I don’t really need. 

The next thing I would like to be educated on in this class is where it is that all of my throwaway clothes and products could be put or thrown away to make the environment a little bit better.  Obviously recycling bins…but what about my clothes? 

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