Walking away from this week’s discussion I did not have an epiphany but I did learn how over consumption of products tend to come from need of cheap imports. It was said how consumers are more likely to purchase cheap imports in bulks because of the price. Which leads to unsustainable ways such as over consumption of materials. The articles also discussed how the root to all unsustainability ways are the lack of knowledge and desire to practice. This knowledge is useful and relevant to me because it helps guide the consumers in practicing sustainability within the fashion industry. In the future this information will personally help me when it comes to making purchase decisions. Knowing what I know now I am eager to learn more ways of sustainability and to “RunAWay” from acts of consumption.

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1 Response to “Run-A-Way”

  1. emhan1 says:

    You apparently did have an epiphany about over consumption, but there are other contributing factors to ober consumption in addition to cheap imports, for example other countries trying to emulate the American lifestyle.

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