What We Are Really Buying

This week my epiphany came while my group and I were discussing our midterm project topic.  I then realized that the fashion industry does not only contribute a large amount of waste through the fast consumption of clothing.  The methods used to transport clothing to a company’s numerous stores and individual customers produce a lot of unnecessary waste.  Just think about the amount of packaging that comes with an item you purchase online.  It is usually wrapped in plastic once or twice and includes an invoice wrapped in plastic with the remaining room filled with peanuts or bubble wrap, even if it is not breakable.  This is not limited to individual shipping to homes either.  The same over-packaging methods are used by many chain retailers to ship merchandise to their individual stores.

Knowing this is useful to me because it makes me aware of just how much more the apparel industry is doing to the environment.  I intend to write to the company that I work for about how disgusted I am in their shipping methods both as an employee and a customer and suggest ways that they can change it.  I also plan to use a reusable or put everything in a single bag while I am shopping.  It is always a hassle to dispose of bags anyway.  By putting all of my mall purchases in a single bag I do my part in cutting down on plastic and paper waste as well as saving myself the trouble of disposing of the bags.

Along this this information I look forward to learning the estimated statistics of packaging used by the apparel industry nationwide. I also want to look for retailers who have cut down on their packaging materials or are using reusable methods.

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