Where is all the water going?

Instead of having an epiphany this week, I continued to learn about a topic that we discussed a few weeks ago. In my field team group we decided to do our documentary over the huge amount of water that is used to grow cotton and eventually to make our clothing. When we first touched on this topic, I was surprised to see how much water was used in the growing process, but after talking about it with my group members again, I am now blown away.

Even though we all learned a few weeks ago how this problem is relevant to all of us, the reason was definitely reiterated this week. The amount of water that is being used takes away part of a very important resource in our world today. After doing some more research, it is said that growing cotton takes up 2.6% of our water usage yearly. This statistic alone is astonishing. While 2.6% is not a very big number in the large scheme of things, it is a big number in the amount of water our world holds.

I intend to research this problem more and try to help educate the younger generation of the harm of growing conventional cotton has on our world. I think that if the younger generations are aware of the problem then they are more likely to take action to help fix the problem.

While working on this documentary I want to continue to learn more about the water usage in growing cotton and maybe even learn about different ways cotton can be grown to reduce the use of so much of our water resources.

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