Sustainability Tool or Life Tool?

My epiphany this week occurred by being introduced to the idea that not all people have the ability to think ahead of the current moment and goals.  I myself find it very easy to plan into the future and imagine what may happen or what kind of impact my current decisions will make down the line.  As the article suggested, I may not use this ability to its full potential and need to focus on expanding the time frame in which I am able to envision into the future.

The method of using “what if’s” is not one that I would have considered previously. As this phrase is negatively associated with guilt and dwelling on the past.  “What if,” is a tool that can be used in almost any situation where a solution is needed and is easy to implement in out everyday lives.  Including finding solutions for sustainable practices. I look forward to learning what other useful tools like this are suggested by those who search for a way to integrate sustainable practices in American’s everyday lives.

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