Why the Questions?

My epiphany this week included the what if assignment.  We don’t seem to ask the right questions when we are looking for the answer.  We forget how important questions are to life.  I know I don’t ask enough questions.  And don’t realize where the right set of questions will lead to.  My major requires solving problems of the Interior world of design.  To figure out the best solution I have to know the right set of questions to ask a client, understand completely what the problem is and the correct way to solve the problem so the client is happy.  The reason to solve these problems is so they never happen again.  Questions will find the solution.  But what if we didn’t ask questions?  What if there wasn’t curiousity?  What if we didn’t have problems?  The world would be too simple.  I plan on practicing the question game so I can be more knowledgeable and a better problem solver.  Questions can lead to new problems and better solutions.  Clients need to feel confident in the professionals.

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1 Response to Why the Questions?

  1. hhhncg says:

    This blog post made some great points about how to utilize questions not just as an individual, but also as a necessary part of being a professional. This opened a new idea for me in that I can do the “what if?” game as a starting point towards recognizing problems and creating solutions.

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