A Whole New View

This week my epiphany came during the EcoView discussion.  The new and innovative ways young designers are using to make garments in a sustainable way is inspiring.  Previously I felt like an apparel industry focused on sustainability would mean a loss of creativity.  The articles discussed involving the designer that used scraps of yarn to make her fashion line and another who used scraps of wood to make their garments, shows how creative designers actually have to be to be sustainable. This is useful and encouraging to see that young designers are taking the need for sustainability seriously and making an effort to incorporate it into their collections.  This makes it seem more likely that the industry as a whole will embrace the concept in the future.


Since I am not great at making apparel I plan to apply this is buying items like this, when I can afford them and they are practical.  None of the examples given were either of those two. I would like to learn and discover a sustainable garment like this that is affordable so that I could purchase it and support that designer.

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