Learning Never Ends

This week I did not have an epiphany but added more interesting facts to my sustainability knowledge.  This week EcoView was very informative and random with discussion of funerals, weddings and spider made bullet proof vests.

EcoView remains beneficial to me by giving me hope that this way of life really is possible with a little creativity mixed with science. It is intriguing to learn these concepts through real life examples that are relevant to us as consumers and future producers or distributors. I plan to implement this information by sharing what I have learned with those who may not know much about sustainable concepts. I look forward to learning more real life examples this week.

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2 Responses to Learning Never Ends

  1. thizbe says:

    Not to mention the Sahara Forest Project!!! How incredible in a very barren area such amazing life can be created and sustained

  2. thizbe says:

    not to forget the Sahara Forest Project! How incredible in a very barren area that so much life can be created and sustained!! I hope it is a very successful project so it can be carried into other deserts! I agree that the Eco-view was very interesting this week!

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