Back to Nature

The most interesting article to me this week was the story about how spider silk is being used in armory in place of Kevlar. It’s stronger and lighter weight, who would’ve thought?? I was shocked to hear that some police men are opting out of bullet proof vests because they can be heavy, bulky, or restricting. It’s terrifying for me to think of the people putting their lives in danger going without any protection! I love that we, as an industry, are trying to find innovative ways to meet the needs of our population. Sometimes our best cues come from nature! This week’s epiphany came to me when I was thinking just that! I heard a story about how Advil was created based on a type of tree that was known to help heal. It’s amazing to me how humans can replicate the acts of nature. We take all the credit for what’s sitting right in front of us! I LOVE learning about biomimicry and how we can copy nature in our designs and hope to continue learning about this in the weeks to come. I thought the article presented during the ecoview about the greenhouse modeled off of camel’s nostrils was beyond cool! How neat is it that two things so seemingly unrelated can be used to benefit the other. I hope that as an industry we can use the idea of biomimicry to really make a difference in this world. I think it would be interesting to see science and aesthetic design combine to create products that can truly change the world. We are on the right track and I’m so excited to see where these leaps and bounds take us! Biomimicry seems to be sustainable design at it’s best!

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  1. emhan1 says:

    In addition to what you wrote in your blog, I found the most interesting thing about spider webs is the fact that webs are FIVE TIMES as strong as steel! I, too am excited to find out more about biomimicry, but I am also intereested in bio culture, because whereas biomimicry is influenced by nature, bioculture IS nature.

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