Coffin Away

This weeks topic on Biomimicry has been pretty interesting.  I have never thought about combining the genetics and design on animals with the environmental designs and normal necessities for everyday living.  Its quite amazing how the science of the design works just like it works for the animals.  For example from the ecoview on thursday we learned how the way the camels nose works can be replicated in the design for complete natural farming.  Also from the articles, we learned the sharks and dolphin skins can be replicated into the design on wet suits for more speed.  Nature has a way of showing us how to live and its one thing that will never change.  One epiphany I had this past week had to do with making that connection of combing the designs of animals and into the design of my work whether it be Interior Design or an entrepreneurial product.

Another epiphany this week had to do with giving back to our nature, our environment.  Coffins are clearly a great place to start.  Discussed on the Ecoview thursday from an article was how these coffins are biodegradeable and environmentally stable.  The design of them are smaller and take up less space.  Which is a perfect design to give back to the environment instead of using a luxurious box for our bodies to dissipate.  One question that was asked on the poll was, Would you want to be buried in the EcoPod?  Majority of everyone said no.  Then I began to think if we took a larger poll of 100 random people and 80% says no.  This shows for at least Americans we are still a bit conceded about ourselves still even after we are dead.  Which is understandable as well as a tradition for a large population and a sentimental topic.

It seems like learning to let go and give back to your environment by using these coffins is a true test for selflessness.  How long have these been around for these to just now start spreading to the U.S?  What other biodegradeable products designs are there out there?  I plan on applying what I have learned about biomimicry and studying it further.  It is a very interesting subject that I would love to learn more on to apply to my designs.  I have always been looking for my certain specific passion.  Maybe biomimicry design could be a specialty for me?

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2 Responses to Coffin Away

  1. emhan1 says:

    I found your blog to quite informative and interesting! You zoomed in on many aspects that were in Bradley Quinn’s article, but I did not get a clear understanding of how not wanting to be buried in a biodegradable coffin can be considered selfish.

  2. thizbe says:

    Great blog! I think the idea of “letting go” is a big part of the problem also! My second blog or so discussed our issues with mindset. We are very stuck in the here and now. I was also very flabbergasted about the majority of the classes reaction to the coffins. Was it because it seemed like an outlandish idea? You don’t actually care about the environment? Or (as you mentioned) can’t let go of what is considered right and normal. Kind of falls back to empathetic design. As a culture we view death, mourning, and after life as a large wooden casket getting lowered into the ground and will last for a long time. How can this shift be made?? and I also understand the selfish point. Instead of choosing to make a difference, help protect the earth, and even save your family some money people still elect to have the traditional coffins.

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