Going out eco-consciously.

This week there was a lot of great articles on the EcoView. One of the articles that stood out the most for me and what was most important that I learned about was eco-friendly coffins. I have never thought about the way that coffins can be created so that they would be more environmentally conscious. These coffins are not that expensive and cost would range as much as just a regular coffin would except that these would be better for the Earth.

I really didn’t mind that if I was to die I would actually want to be buried in one of these coffins. Not just because they are environmentally friendly, but that even after death I can help sustain the longevity of the environment in the materials that I respectively decide to go out with. I believe that this is important because I want to look out for the future of what the Earth is and that I can be a part of way that the future is shaped for my children and their children so that they have a chance to live a good life as well. Maybe through death too when others see what I’m buried in they can think about how eco-conscious it is and consider being buried in one of them as well. Although, I have always imagined that I would want to be cremated but if I was to be buried I wouldn’t mind being buried in these coffins.

I anticipate applying this in the future by just telling people about these coffins. Although it is a bit morbid if I ever get into conversation about something related to this I wouldn’t mind talking about it to someone that I know. It would be interesting to hear what they would have to say about it all and if they would be comfortable being buried in these coffins.

I want to learn more about the things in our life now that would help sustain our life because after death we can no longer do anything. What really matters is that we keep our life to a minimal and acknowledge that with everything we do in life, there is a resource used to take up that energy and we are running out of it.

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