How can we change?

The EcoView was really interesting this week; we talked about weddings and a funeral. Specifically, wedding dresses that dissolve with water and environmental-friendly coffins. A wedding is something that is very special in almost all cultures so the idea of throwing your wedding dress into water rather than preserving and storing was a really novel idea to me. I had never thought about something like that but if we want to make a difference in the environment. Another subject that we talked about was burying people in recycled paper coffins as well as using eco-friendly embalming fluids will allow the body and materials to biodegrade so the space (plot) can be use. This made me begin to think of other ways that we could change our everyday lives.

By the way we change from everyday life will begin to show how our paradigm of sustainability is shifting in a positive way hopefully. Something that I would like to point out is that apparel is part of our everyday living but we often treat apparel as ‘things’ or sometimes ‘things that make us feel good’.

Shifting our paradigm to clothing just being things is something that we need to shift and right now it can seem very daunting. How do you create feeling that people don’t want to throw away clothing so quickly but when they do it helps the environment? If someone kept that wool jacket that had seeds for a long time wouldn’t the jacket be obsolete to helping the environment? Once we figure how to solve this problem, I think we can move towards a more sustainable future in apparel and our everyday world. I want to learn more about how people are solving this problem and making truly innovative and fully sustainable designs.  The faster we get innovative and sustainable designs out, the faster we can begin to change the paradigm of sustainability.

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