Nature Works…So Why Not Copy It?!

This week I did not have an epiphany, but I did feel that I learned a deeper understanding of biomimicry and how it is applied to both apparel and interior design. I understood the concept of biomimicry deeper and examined examples of how it can be successfully applied to my field. This is very useful and relevant to me because the concept of biomimicry is becoming very prevalent in modern design. It is important for me to understand this concept and how it is applied to the field I will be going into as well as the benefits of this type of design.

By gaining a better understanding of biomimicry, I can apply this concept to my future designs whether they are clothing, interior, or business. I can also apply the concept in trend forecasting. Knowing what I know now, I would like to know more about how major brands and retailers are incorporating biomimicry in their merchandise, stores, buildings, and overall business.

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1 Response to Nature Works…So Why Not Copy It?!

  1. emhan1 says:

    It is nice that you are interested in biomimicry because it is prevalent in modern design. Perhaps you could have elaborated a liitle more about biomimicry and the benefits we can get from it to make our world more sustainable.

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