Present Wants vs. Future Needs

This week I did not have an epiphany, however, I did grasp more of both a concept of Biomimicry and Industrial Ecology. I really enjoyed the articles that were shared during the ecoview, especially the recycled caskets. The class was divided on whether they would want to be buried in one or not, but I think I wouldn’t mind either way. It is a good idea when considering how much space caskets and graveyards take up. Also, we must consider the impact we continue to make after we are gone when we don’t take sustainability into consideration. I think this type of information can spark a new perspective in people to think about the impact they are going to make on generations to come, and to make choices based on what is best for future needs, not current wants. With situations such as funerals and burial plans, people tend not to talk about them because it’s not pleasant, however, sharing beliefs and concerns about your personal preferences is a good idea-that way your loved ones are aware of your concerns for the sustainability and well-being of the earth in the future. It also will allow them to take the necessary steps to ensure that your wishes are met, as oppose to them not having been aware of these types of options.

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