Trash to Tresures

This week my epiphany came during our EcoView discussion on more Cradle-to-Cradle concepts.  The concept that seemed most beneficial discussed a manufacturer that has discovered a way to make fabric out of trash such as plastic bottles and snack wrappers. This partnered with a closed loop Cradle-to-Cradle production cycle has unimaginable potential.

This is useful to me because it does not make me feel as guilty for using these plastic products and it also gives me hope for the planet. With an alternative to landfills for our excessive waste it is slightly less worrisome. I have implemented this information by sharing it with people. Knowing it exists is the first step to get people to buy the sustainable products.

I hope to learn about more fabrics being made out of items that commonly end up in landfills or as litter and where we are able to buy these products.

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