A New Light

Although I did not have an epiphany this week, I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of different topics that we’ve discussed throughout the semester. Before class this week, I thought most of our articles had kind of been the same thing shown in a different light. I felt like the articles were getting repetitive but this week really helped me see the differences in the articles that we have read throughout the semester. Talking in our learning communities helped point out the similarities and how the articles differed. I plan to use that knowledge to help me decide on an article to use for the final project. I’m nervous about the project but I feel a little more confident now that I can better understand the material. It’s going to be tough to design a product that uses only one technique, especially when some of the techniques are so similar. I did not attend the creativity forum, although I heard it was very interesting and I’m sure the students that did have a chance to go were greatly influenced. I really enjoyed the lecture videos that we watched in place of attending. Sir Ken is a great speaker and did a fun job of presenting the material. He was funny and entertaining to hear. During the ecoview there was an article presented about how someone is designing coats for homeless people that can be turned into sleeping bags and backpacks. I was so moved by this article! I think it’s great that we are designing for a good cause! I would love to learn more about how design can better people’s lives like that. I plan to use that idea in the future by going into our final project with a humanitarian mind. How can we better the lives of someone who desperately needs it, while also bettering the Earth. There is an eco-friendly way to be a philanthropist- how cool is that!

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