Apparel Activism

I don’t think I had an epiphany this week. I did learn what design activism is which I had no knowledge of before this class. I always thought of activism as putting on protests and demonstrations but it can be much more. Design activism is not just making a product as an example of change but I got from the reading and professor’s video that design activism is an action or step forward to helping a person understand what changes need to be made for a difference to be seen. This information is useful to me because it shows me that products redesign is just the beginning to design activism there are so many elements like demonstrations, scenarios, events, prototypes and more. Design activism is a well of possibility in how changes can be made to make a more sustainable future.

I plan on using this in the near future for our final project in devising an action or product that could be seen or attended in the future to create a more sustainable future. I would like to see what other designer are doing to create an apparel future scenario that deals with getting rid of fast fashion cycles and makes products more geared to the individual consumer but making the designs affordable. I hope to see a hopeful future for the apparel industry.

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