Creativity Forum=Life Changing

This week held the biggest epiphany of all!!! I am so so thankful that I chose to go to the creativity forum! I have told plenty of people since Tuesday that the most amazing part of the forum was seeing creativity in SO many fields. Whenever I thought of creativity, in a very narrow mindset, was basics; such as painting, sculpting, having a specific talent, and being innovative, but I thought of it just in the fine arts. It was such a eye opening experience to be surrounded by entrepreneurs, legislatures, aero-space engineers, psychologist, retail owners, and fellow students all with the common goal of “take action”! It is about being a dreamer, but making the dreams come true! It was also a great experience to see people pushing for arts in education.
I think there is many,many important lessons that I picked up from the forum. All 28 pages of notes that I took from the forum proves that. I will definitely keep my notebook with me. A big lesson I learned was to take notes, make goals, take action, but importantly to try and make that dream or idea a reality. I doubt myself a lot when it comes to innovative ideas or when designing, but I sat through the a workshop about “breaking the barriers of creativity”. I feel I got the most from that workshop because I really connected with him about what is holding me back; myself. I will carry this knowledge with me forever. It is such an important lesson for everyone to learn.
I anticipate applying these lessons through informing others of the knowledge I gained. Also, looking for others to collaborate with in other disciplines. As the interior design, aero-space engineers, and NASA has proven here at OSU options are out there for collaboration that, I especially, didn’t know could exist.
I would love to know how to sign up for next year’s forum!!! It was such an incredible experience.


About Amanda Akers

Graduate of Oklahoma State University in Design, Housing, and Merchandising option in Interior Design and a minor in Merchandising. I am a design enthusiast who loves to be involved in anything crafty! I would love to work in Interior Design as well as do Event Coordinating.
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