Creativity-It Can’t Be Touched or Held

Inspiration, innovation and creativity in every corner, that basically sums up the creativity forum in Oklahoma City. Listening to so many creative people in one day was almost a little overwhelming. It was so neat to hear all the different people talk about their struggles, their inspiration and motivation. Creative people have some similarities and it was nice to know that I am not the only one that has some different ways of doing things but rather, some tendencies are very normal in the world of creative people. One thing that stuck with me from a talk was that you cannot hold creativity in your hand. We can be given tools that stimulate new senses of creativity however there has to always be a creative mind behind the tools and also that the heart of innovation is personalizing things to your needs.

I think as designers sometimes our work is taken lightly because people think because we love it is not a job or somehow has less value. We need to remember that our designs although we enjoy it can greatly impact the world and our environment. Designing for a better future is a great responsibility and should be taken seriously.

I would love to attend another forum because I think it is great to surround oneself with other creative and innovative people. It can really help with my future as a designer to observe other innovations and ideas. It also gives the world of design and creativity more credibility and validity when forums and things like it are being conducted around the world.

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