Design Activism

This week I did not attend the creativity form but I did find the videos that were required to watch really interesting. I think that the guy who is in them had really interesting information and he was very fun to listen to. On the EcoView this week one of the articles that I found really interesting was the one about the lady who designed a coat for the homeless people so that also could transform into a sleeping bag and into a backpack I thought this was really great for big cities that have a bunch of homeless people in them and how great it is that this designer was thinking about them. In class this week I really enjoyed my group’s conversation about the questions that we were asked about the article. It really made you think and I enjoyed listening to the other responses that came from the different groups. Although the article was hard to read and to understand and I think that while having the learning communities really helped me understand this week’s article much more than I did on my own. I also liked how we got to related and compare to other articles that we have read this semester. 

 This week really helped me see the difference in the articles that we have read throughout the semester and how to make them go towards the final project. In the beginning I personally did not see much of a difference in the articles but this week’s discussion was really helpful and I now feel like I know more about the past articles and the current one as well. 

 I hope to use this information that I have learned this past week and put it to good use in the future. I would love to learn about more products and different ways to include design activism into my industry so that others can have the same opportunity.

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  1. I also started to see some of the different aspects of the articles this week. When you’re in the middle of learning something, it all seems to blend together at times. When you look back though, it’s good to summarize each topic or school of thought to better see the differences/similarities they all have. That was nice to do this week!

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