Designing to Help Others

This week we talked about Design Activism. I did not necessarily have an epiphany but I understood the concept of Design Activism as implementing social issues into designs. The one product that stood out to me was a coat created for the homeless. This coat can be turned into a “onsie”, used as a sleeping bag, or broken down into a jacket + blanket. This product stuck out to me the most this week, not because I’ve been homeless & could’ve used this, but when we had a major ice storm a few years ago & spent a week without electricity this would’ve been amazing to have. This got me thinking about if we had this product available to people who are put out of their homes after natural disasters or are without means of staying warm due to no electricity. This also made me think of how Tide goes around to areas affected by natural disasters with these semi-trucks that allow people to wash their clothes, bedding, etc. for free. By purchasing Tide products we help them be able to do this kind of service for areas in need.

This is definitely relevant to my field because if I were to get into the design field of my major I hope to apply design activism to my company or designs. What all could get accomplished if all companies had at least one product or service that derived from design activism? I hope more products and services are put out on the market that came from design activism concepts.

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