Let’s Be Social

I am not sure if I had an “epiphany” in a sense but I did grasp a lot from this weeks learning. This week we discussed Design Activism in which in my own interpretation as a sense of social awareness through design. During this weeks EcoView I share the article over the youth community center in South Africa that was design for youth that are effected with HIV/Aids virus. The center is a youth center that helps individuals gain a feeling of hope. As well provides expert information about the disease. This helps children stay engaged with their social and active life while being children without making them feel out  of place like the rest of the world.

Although that article was not directly linked with my study I felt that this was an eye opener. Simply because there are so many issues going through the world and in out industry but there is not enough social awareness to get everybody on board. I believe if there was more design activism taking place many of our sustainable issues would be solved.

In conclusions, walking away from this weeks learning I plan to apply my knowledge from here on out to make the world a better place. 🙂

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