My own little lesson

This week I did not have an epiphany. I was actually quite confused by this reading. It was difficult to stay focused on and the difficult to see writing did not help.  I believe I understood the general concept that Fuad-Luke were trying to convey.  The idea that we can use design to teach people about sustainability and why it is needed in hopes of changing society’s concept of consumption as a whole.  Another great factor in this theory is that all of the previous sustainability theories that we have read about can be easily incorporated with design activism. Even if this was not exactly what the article was intended to teach us, I believe that this was a valuable lesson for me to learn.

This was useful to me because it gave good examples of how design activism can be used in our daily lives so that I may begin to come up with ideas on my own. I plan on applying this in my life by informing others of why we need to be sustainable by educating them about what we are doing to the earth. I would like to learn of some ways that people have earned funding for design activism projects and if there are any companies or foundations set up to support these endeavors.

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