Sustainability beyond products.

Two weeks ago we talked about design activism. The brainstorming session within our group helped me to understand more about what design activism is and how it can be used in real world settings. I think that design activism is such a vital part of sustainability. Sustainability is beyond just creating new products; it is about changing the mindsets of others.
Like I have already said I think it is one of the most vital solutions to design that we have explored this semester. I think, as designers, we understand the importance of new technology and innovation in design, but for others the importance is being educated in the matter. I think that for some people, even those in the class, who find the scientific portions of our lessons to be boring or un-understandable they could utilize and enjoy working in design activism.
I definitely anticipate applying this in the future. Whether it be through simply explaining the importance of sustainability to my clients, attending seminars, and being a part of groups which utilize design activism.
Let’s see. I would like to know more about how design activism is utilized, other than with products. Again, I would really like to find out how merchandisers place themselves in all of this. Do they feel Design Activism is more of something they can be a part of?


About Amanda Akers

Graduate of Oklahoma State University in Design, Housing, and Merchandising option in Interior Design and a minor in Merchandising. I am a design enthusiast who loves to be involved in anything crafty! I would love to work in Interior Design as well as do Event Coordinating.
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