A semester epiphany

The environmental sustainability class proved to be very educational this semester and allowed me to begin to concentrate and be enlightened on a variety of topics which can definitely prove to be helpful in my future career as an interior designer. While the class may have given me only a few epiphanies, I still believe that those I was given definitely created a snowball effect in my learning. Throughout this semester I have definitely taken a step back and examined my own habits towards my consumption and my imprint on the environment, which, in my opinion, seems to be the most important learning epiphany a student could endure.  Within this epiphany, I have begun to take a step forward in rethinking some of my purchase on everyday items, as well as where those items end up. For example, I have begun to be less “wasteful” with clothing purchases and begun to fall less into the habits of over consuming and following short lived fashion trends and relying on creativity with what I possess. This new habit proves to be useful in not only saving money, but also eventually saving space in a landfill, as well as the life cycle of garments.

A huge epiphany I had was during the Creativity Forum. The experience I had there allowed my mind to be open to many new possibilities and be reminded that no matter how small an idea I believe I have, it does not matter in the idea that it cannot help the environment in some way. The Creativity Forum allowed me to explore into new ideas and come up with new solutions to everyday problems, one in which actually became the base of my Field Team’s final project. Creativity is one of the most important parts in the design process, and in exploring possibilities, this proves to be very helpful. By possessing a better understanding of the usage of creativity and how to better use my own, I can begin to make interesting designs which can not only possess beauty but functionality as well, a quality which I can apply to everyday functions as well.

In conclusion, as I branch out and begin to create and embellish new and old designs, I would definitely love to expand my knowledge on new and creative sustainable designs others are creating, as well as new technology which can help to diminish the carbon footprint our generation places on our environment. 

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