Environmentally Sustained

Amoung all my epiphanies this semester, I am proud to say that I will take away sustainable knowledge to help educate and apply to the environment around me to make my carbon footprint a little less impactful. My first epiphany really had to do with more about how much I didn’t know about being sustainable. I would have liked to learn more to apply to my field on how to make a building sustainable and the correct materials to accomplish sustainable design for Interior Design. But I did learn about important aspects that will contribute to my major with research. Biomimicry will help me apply the nature of design to my buildings and homes or even products I create a sustainable environment like good Indoor Air Quality. Design Activism and C2C is one of the biggest sustainable principles I can apply to Interior Design because there are always trends in design and it gives me chance to open my eyes by creating designs that will impact the greater number of people for the greater good. Other epiphanies I had this semester consisted of things that will make a dramatic change in how I research and live my life, as well as trying to further educate myself and the people around me. One epiphany I had made me realize how to ask the right questions and all kinds of questions that will lead to solutions for sustainable issues or more problems that I could have thought was the answer. Other epiphanies like the true end life of materials and products and how we can extend their lives or create product food for another project.

Its important to realize what you have, what you are going to do with it, how you will dispose of it, and if it can be used for more functions or other products/projects. These lessons amoung many others I have learned this semester are very useful to me and my career. I will be dealing with materials for furniture, curtains, countertops, ceiling, walls, and floors. I have to start thinking about every aspect of the material like is it the best material (synthetic or organic) for the right function, where it will end up, and if it can be reused, recycled, and upcycled. Its very relevant I am aware of this knowledge and how to research it because of the upcoming century where we have to think about these kinds of sustainable designs so that while the population is increasing, hopefully my designs will help the carbon footprint decrease or remain the same rather than rapidly increase.

What I know because this sustainable door as opened I want to learn more about how to make LEED and how to understand it, what can correlate with what I have learned with LEED. I also want to learn more about the companies that are creating sustainable products that can be upcycled, reused, and recycled as well as companies that truly care about the environment and the products that will impact.

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