One of the epiphanies that occurred to me was during a Thursday meeting after class earlier in the semester when I came home to a house full of trash that we hadn’t thought twice about recycling. I had my first little glimpse of how to recycle this summer when I lived in New York City. I wanted to continue this act of making the world a greener place, but got swept up by the hustle and bustle of school. After class that one Thursday evening, I felt so guilty that I wasn’t going to greater links to help recycle the items we use on a daily basis. I then proceeded to educate my roommates on how easy it would be for us to start this process, and surprisingly enough they were more than interested to start helping out. Another pronounced epiphany that I remember very clearly was after our discussion on library lawn the first time this semester. Our group had discussed how each of us place some sort of emotional value on an item that is passed down to us. Whether it be a gift for a special occasion or something that you received on a whim, we place a high importance on these necessities because of who they came from or the stories we place behind them. 

I will take a great deal from this class, but I am most appreciative for the education I now have on the subject of sustainability. I knew next to nothing when we started this semester and now I feel like I could educate the masses at Oklahoma State and the Stillwater community. 

This learning is relevant towards my life because of the field that I am entering. The world will only become more sustainability from this point forward, and I feel like I could help contribute to this topic. 

I have added a business major this semester so I would love to use my knowledge to help educate students from different areas of study. Another way I anticipate using what I have learned in the future would be informing my family back home of the easy steps they can do to help better the environment around them.

Knowing what I do now, I think this is just the beginning. I have so much more that I would like to learn about. While researching for topics for our final project I came across some pretty creative ideas that I hadn’t seen before. Who knew there are couture designers out there that use just newspaper for high fashion gowns. I can’t tell you I knew, so I would like to research about the ways designers are using sustainability as a vital component in their work. 


It’s been real, and it’s been fun.

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