Its so hard to say GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!

Let me begin by saying this semester has been challenging to say the least. Prior to taking this course I assumed that it would just be review of several classes taken before but I soon realize I was highly uneducated about sustainability and the issues that take place within the industry. I figured recycling was just recycling. But, no there is so much more. Although, some of the information was difficult to understand this class has made me so aware of many issues that even myself are guilty of.


Throughout the semester I decided to put the knowledge I gaining from this course to use such as beginning to recycle within my home, becoming sustainable shopping, and practicing better laundry methods. It might not seem a lot to many but this is huge step for myself and I figured it started the movement than I could get my roommates to begin to live a happy and sustainable life as well. One of the biggest problems I feel that the world and the industry faces is being uneducated. Just like myself.


Walking away from this semester I plan to continue to apply everything I learned throughout the semester as well as educate others in order to get the issue at hand under control. One area that I am interested in learning more about is design activism an how to implement this in designs concerning more than the issues in textile industry.

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