Smart Decisons

Over the course of this class I had several different epiphanies. While learning about empathetic design I had an epiphany about the products I had that I had a strong emotional attachment to. This epiphany eventually lead to my sustainable design concept that would use these sentimental products and help reduce our disposal of textile products. The epiphany that stood out the most to me was my epiphany on sustainability in general. Until this class I never truly thought about how our resources were diminishing and how much our consumption is taking a toll on our environment. This class has taught me the importance of recycling and reusing my clothing as well as teaching me to consider how garments are produced before I make a purchase. I may not be a designer, but as a merchandiser I can choose sustainable products to make things such as displays. This class has taught me the power of being informed and how knowledge can cause a change in behavior.

The apparel industry has a strong impact in consumption and in waste. Because my goal is to be a part of the apparel industry upon graduation, I feel that it will be important to me to use what I have learned in this course and help create sustainable options for the company I work for. Hopefully I can make a difference in my company and how they operate.

Knowing what I now know, I would like to learn more about the options available for recycling and reuse. I would like to further investigate companies that use recycled fabrics and start making smarter purchase decisions. 

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