So long, Fair Well…

This semester I have learned more than I could have even fathomed. I would like to start out by talking about my epiphanies that have really made an impact in my life. Being able to have a class to learn the things that most people wouldn’t take the time to try and understand.

Cradle to cradle was one of the hardest subjects for me to understand. There were so many concepts to try and grasp, but I have mainly gotten that grasp where cradle to cradle is where products are resurfaced for other useful things. I have also learned about how the environment is not take care of like it should be and by the time we have grandchildren, our environment will be depleted even more and our families will struggle with having food sources and other valuable needs. Unfortunately, I am guilty of being a part of hurting the environment. I didn’t realize how much one person could complicate the world that we live in together. I could have definitely taken the time to recycle more often than I did. 

This information was relevant to me because It could really make a difference on our planet in the long run. The way i see it, a little goes a long way. If I take the time to recycle more often, use less water and electricity for starters, I could help confine some of the issues that take place in the environment. I have also taken the fashion detox challenge and realized how easy it was (once I got the hang of it) to not purchase the clothes that use our energy to create them.

I anticipate applying these tactics by recycling within my own home and as much as possible when in public. I will also do my best to educate the people around me on how important it is to preserve as much energy as possible. I will help them to realize it takes just as little time and throwing something away in a trash can. 

Knowing what I know now, I want to learn more about how I can make a difference sustainably. I want to learn more about design activism and cradle to cradle tactics. I will continue to help by educating others so more people understand how big of a concern this subject is. 

About Petunia Rose

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