Sustainable in a Nutshell

One of the most important things I learned in this course was the negative effects of over consumption, and how important it is to start targeting over consumers to get them to consume less with more innovative designs that can be used in multiple ways or for multiple things so there is not a need for multiple items that are in similar categories but look slightly different or do slightly different things. Learning about this was especially relevant to me being that I am an apparel design major. Clothing is probably one of the most over consumed products, if I make it a point to make garment that can be worn in more than one way, or slightly altered to look like a different garment with just a few simple closures that in itself would reduce the need for so many different black jackets, much like I am doing for my final project. Although these complex designs are very time consuming and mentally demanding as far as figuring out how to construct it. These multi-functional designs are very interesting to me and I do in fact plan on incorporating it into more of my designs that I make for school, it also adds a wow factor to the designs. I would like to learn more about biomimicry, If I could grasp how to execute it through designs I would probably try to use it in designs for class.

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