The World is Ending!!

There are many people who believe the world is ending soon. Could there be any truth to it? If I were Earth I wouldn’t be very happy with us and I may produce catastrophic storms to wipe out humanity myself. I think the earth is a little more sympathetic than I am and it probably isn’t ending. That is a pretty extreme prediction, but there is no question the quality of our environment has deteriorated significantly. This is one concept that I firmly grasped during the class.

I may not have had an epiphany by definition but I did learn a vast amount of useful information throughout the course that has changed my perspective on the way we live our lives.  Our American culture is especially wasteful and materialistic. In fact, I feel like these are our main identifiers by the rest of the world. What will happen if we continue in this manner? This question was answered for me in our first readings. The articles, “Lessons of Easter Island” by Ponting and “Ecosystems & Human Well-Being Millennium Assessment.” Easter Island discusses the loss of natural resources of an early civilization in the Pacific Ocean.  The islanders appear to be too busy using up their resources in attempt to out-do each other to realize that they were running out. While reading this it is hard not too judge them and think that they must have been dumb to not realize that all of the trees on the island were almost gone. However, if you stop and think about it, we will come to the same situation one day if we do not change our behaviors.  We are doing the same thing that they did in being preoccupied in what we have and out-doing each other to take into account if it is worth the damage we are doing.  The Ecosystems & Human Wellbeing Millennium Assessment is a report providing the results of a study done between 2000 and 2005 that evaluated the changes in the ecosystem due to the natural resources we use as well as what we are putting into the environment.

This information is useful and relevant to me as both a consumer and a future employee of the fashion industry.  As a consumer it makes me aware of the products I am purchasing and how much I am using. As a future contributor to the fashion world the knowledge gives me the ability to educate and influence those who have the ability to make a company’s production and distribution methods more sustainable. I plan to apply this information in just this way. Education is the first step to change and I also plan to educate others what I have learned this semester.

Knowing what I know now, I would like to learn about and get involved with organizations focused on educating others on sustainability and making communities more sustainable.

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