Diaries of a late Blogger!

I would say one of the most pronounced epiphanies I had during the year was the overall idea of diversity. My eyes were first opened when we learned about materials diversity and the need to not rely so heavily on just one material, such as cotton, and rather spread material use more evenly amongst available materials. Then, when we learned about industrial ecology and all of the different areas we are able to be sustainable in. I have a very dramatic outlook on sustainability for the most part, and these concepts allowed me to see that not every sustainable action has to be literally, from the ground up.

In my own designs I usually design around the sustainable fabrics that I know are available to me. However, my realization over the semester has been that not everything has to start at square one. My square one being fabric choice. Instead, I can find creativity and inspiration in other sustainable concepts such as using waste as a resource or biomimicry. The idea of designing apparel based on biomimicry is by far my biggest inspiration from this class.

In this course one of the things that I learned was that even when the information is placed right in front of someone, that does not mean that people will accept it, and it definitely does not mean that people will attempt to change their ways. The idea of designing high end apparel that does not “look green” is how I will take this information learned and apply it to my future. By designing environmentally friendly, beautiful clothes, it will hopefully allow customers to purchase these wether they believe in being sustainably and environmentally responsible or not.

After completing our final project, what I am very interested in knowing is exactly what it takes to remanufacture fabrics back into the fiber stage and then once again back into actualy useable fabric. I have always been interested in fiber art and that is an area that I can see myself really being interested in for the future.



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