it came to an end

Throughout this semester I did not have any pronounced epiphanies. I did although learn a little more about how I can live more sustainable. The most important thing I learned was how simple household appliances can negatively affect the earth. I also learned how bad plastic really is for the environment and how long it stays in the landfills. As far as the apparel industry and consumers I learned how wasteful of an industry we really are and how harmful all the man-made materials are.

All of what I have learned this semester will be helpful to me in the future because I will be able to use it in my career as a merchandiser.

In the future I plan to work for a small business and maybe even own my own business some day. If I take the knowledge I gained from this course and apply it to the way I run a business I hopefully will be able to influence the other small businesses around me to follow suit as well. I would hope to use packaging and building materials that are sustainable in my small business.

Knowing what I know now after taking this course I hope I can learn more about how distributors and designers plan to be more sustainable. I know that as of now there are only a few designers out there implementing these new ideas of biodegradable materials and substitution materials in their designs. Being in the apparel industry I hope to continue following blogs and news stations about new sustainable design concepts after this course ends.

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