And that’s a wrap!

The most impactful epiphanies I have had this semester all boil down to one main idea: knowing what I know, I must do what I can do. Gaining insight on so many different issues affected my personal habits more than anything else and made me think more about what I buy when I shop and also what I throw away. In addition to learning about sustainable problems, we also learned about individuals who are making a difference. It was empowering to realize that reaching for a sustainable future starts with me and starts now.

This is relevant to me because to adopt any kind of sustainable practice as a professional will not change my own behavior unless living sustainable affects my personal life. As an interior design student, understanding sustainability is huge in the industry so to have a basic knowledge of what the challenges are and how I have personally adapted to help facilitate change will set my education apart as a one that targets current issues.

I anticipate applying what I have learned in this course by using what I know about cradle to cradle and empathetic design particularly and integrating these concepts in my product choice and design process as a professional. I could also see myself using what I have learned from this course to encourage whatever business or firm I work for to practice sustainable habits in how they handle waste and extra consumption.

In the future, I would like to definitely learn more about LEED and why the standards are created in the way that they are. I would also like to learn more about how people are coming up with creative ways to turn waste into food, particularly in interior applications.

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