I can honestly say, as embarrassing as it is, I was not 100% sure what sustainability actually meant before this class began. When people talked about it, I awkwardly nodded my head and agreed with every word they said. Through out these past two weeks, I have not only come to understand what sustainability is but how it affects our field of interest.

The most important thing I learned this week was the different problems that affect the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability. I caught myself diving into the readings and really understanding what they were talking about. Specifically in “Fashioning Sustainability”, when the author discusses the production of cotton. Who knew they use approximately 6 pints of water on just one…YES, ONE… bulb of cotton. This blew my mind and really put into perspective how much water consumption we use on a daily basis. This varies from fiber production, dyeing fabrics and maintenance of clothing items. 

Reading these facts only interested me more on ways that we can better ourselves and better the environment by cutting back on things like water consumption. I hope that through out this class, I can understand more about other sustainability problems and practical, day-to-day solutions that humans can do to better the world we live in.

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