The journey begins…

First of all, I am so glad to be enrolled in this class during my senior year in OSU DHM. Sustainability has always been a field that I wanted to venture in. Being in class for the past two weeks, I definitely learnt a lot about sustainability that I had never known before. What exactly does sustainability means? How it affects us, our daily life, our surroundings and the planet earth we currently live in? These are life-sized issues we are facing today in this generation. As mentioned in the 11th hour movie, scientists believed that the natural resources on this earth are being used too quickly by too many people. Today, natural resources in our mother earth seem to be treated as properties by huge conglomerates to drive the so called ‘global economy’. Climate change, global warming, deforestation and soil degradation are some of the symptoms our generation is facing today. I believe these are only the beginning to a more severe devastation if no active solutions are being implemented soon enough. One thing we need to learn from the story of Easter Island is that mother earth has its limitation – Constantly exploiting the natural resources for our personal greed will eventually lead to serious destruction to the environment we live in as well as to ourselves as human beings. Therefore, going down the road, I hope this course will continue to bring us, as designers of the 21st century more knowledge about our planet earth and ways we can do as individuals to help sustaining a better future for our next generation and generations to come.

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