What’s sustainability..?

After watching the “11th hour” I started to wonder if we are actually able to sustain what we here on earth have.   I mean yes, maintaining can be challenging but if people are so focused on the newest and best thing, then we as a nation don’t even realize that the time to change is now.

 We aren’t sustaining what we have, we are creating more and more ways to pollute the world through the struggle to find what’s the next best toy.
For interior design, there is a benchmark coming about in the ‘Go Green Process-‘ LEED. LEED needs to become that standard rather than just the option. YES, it may be more at the beginning, but if it means that a building won’t be effected by sick building syndrome, from off gassing (which could lead to thousands maybe millions of damage; if not condemning a building)  then why wouldn’t we as a LEADER in the world take the dive and be a role model for the rest of the world.  The at industry is advertising more go free polices than the contractors of the buildings those Priest are sitting in… I’m just throwing it out there.

Nature as given is a beautiful world, where we are able to grow food, to feed the animals (and ourselves), when we or nature die, we go back into the ground and the trees that will one day cut down (to build a new building), feed off  the  nutrients that comes from living organisms – to grow bigger and stronger.  The bigger the trees and plants, the more photosynthesis can be produced, putting oxygen back into the world.. KEEPING US ALIVE.
Now I’m not saying we need to all become vegetarians and wear leaves just as Adam and Eve BUT, we as a nation need to raise the awareness for mother nature. I know that before this class, I didn’t fully understand what the consequence could be of we do not make a change. And we’ll let’s be honest. I hope that Jesus comes before we turn into marshians on mars. I’m not planning on sticking around for that climate change.
Well there’s my food for thought!
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