Hope Island?


This week my epiphany was realizing that the world will continue with or without us. Wow! When I heard that in the 11th Hour documentary I was amazed. The earth was here before us and will (more than likely) be here after us. The earth/nature is pretty resilient. The earth has survived many natural disasters, from whatever killed the Dinosaurs, and most recently…humans. Think about it, nature will find a way.

However just because nature will find a way does not mean I should be careless about this big blue and green ball I live on. I should recycle more, use less energy, and do what I can for the earth. There are little things I can start doing. I can be aware of what I buy or use. Knowing all this I want to learn more about the products I buy, where they come from and so on. I want to learn about energy and recycling. I need to look around, smell the fresh air and remember the beautiful trees…

The beautiful trees of Easter Island, was anyone sad to see them go? This past week I read about Easter Island. A long time ago (in our galaxy) Easter Island got its name because an explorer found the island on Easter. Interestingly enough Easter means new life, hope, and new beginnings. What the explorers found was far from new life, hope or new beginnings. Maybe that is what the natives of Easter Island thought when they first arrived. To them the island meant new life. And for a while humans and nature lived together in harmony until the humans forgot to look up. The natives used up all their resources, mainly the trees, which was a huge resource for them because the trees were used for shelters, tools and canoes (not for moving statues as many people believe). The trees could not grow back fast enough for them. So because these people did not realize what they were doing to their home they paid for it with their lives.

So to me the whole situation with Easter Island reflects on our lives today. We, the natives of the world, are just now looking around and realizing we are destroying our “trees” or resources. But we, unlike the people of Easter Island, can change our fate. Remember the world will continue with or without us. It is up to us to decide how long we want to stay.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Well done!

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