Urgent! Read all about it!

As we have progressed through the years I have noticed that sustainability is becoming a popular topic not only among Designers but clients as well. They feel an urgency to be more sustainable and do there part. While watching the 11th Hour, I too felt this urgency! My epiphany this week was becoming aware that super storms are apart of the Earths deterioration. I was shocked to learn that many of these storms are because of what humans are doing to the planet. After watching this film I feel the need to do more research into how super storms are really a byproduct of human destruction. The film made such an impact on my curiosity, one I’m sure will not fade.

The reading about Easter Island was something new to me. I have read and seen many videos about Easter Island. None were about the destruction that occurred. If we really displayed the nature of why the island is barren as a more prominent feature to the island then maybe more people would learn about human destruction.  Something that really shocked me about Easter Island was the fact that the inhabitants could plainly see what was happening to the island, and yet they did nothing to change it. It made me realize we as a whole are no different then that small island off of Chili.

After reading this week Interior Design readings I was shocked to know that air pollution is a top sustainability issue for our field, I always though it was consumption. I would like to know more about what is happening in the Interior Design industry that is a negative impact on the Earth.

The thought of how much harm we are causing the planet, and KNOWING we are doing it, is depressing. As apart of the Interior Design industry I know we are one of the top professions of non-renewable consumption. In this class I hope to talk more about how we as Designers can be more responsible for the environment and to get our clients in on sustainability too.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Great synthesis this week!

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