What do I do now??

This first week of discussion in class has really opened my eyes to the actual issues we face in concern with the environment. I knew there was a whole ‘go green’ trend happening in the world right now, but I wasn’t aware of all of the major issues occurring.

I feel the most important thing I learned is that we are in fact connected with nature. In the 11th hour, filmmakers diagnosed that we, as humans not knowing that we are connected with nature is part of its demise. It is highly important we all realize this because what we do effects the environment and what happens to the environment effects us.

This week’s lessons were very relevant in the fact that I feel they laid the groundwork for the rest of the semester. In order to find solutions for these problems, we must fully understand them first and that was the basis for this week’s learning.

I would love to learn and know more about the solutions that we could potentially use to solve these issues of sustainability, and solutions that we as consumers can start doing. More specifically I would like to follow up on a couple of issues I came across in the article “Fashioning Sustainability.” They talked of eight key factors we need to address and I would love to know more on a few of these factors. This including the animal welfare aspect of sustainability and the next steps we can take in ensuring the safety of animals, chemicals being used in the working environment that are toxic to workers, and energy consumption by consumers and producers. 

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