Take that one step to the future

I like to recycle and I probably do it about as much as everyone else. You throw the paper from all your classes in a box, another holds all the plastic bottles, and then you have a bag with all of your Walmart bags. Every once in awhile you take it to the recycle center and start all over again. However, after seeing the movie and how much our planet is really hurting it has gotten me thinking. Thoughts like “Maybe if I recycle more I can save the planet and it will equal up to all the people who decided not to recycle.” If I do this maybe things will be better for my future. Although I cannot control acid rains, flooding, or even tornadoes but maybe just doing some small things I can help with global warming or the climate change.

Easter Island made me think about how much our environment is growing. New buildings are rising and more forests falling. We need those trees for air and shade for our crops. I believe that is one of the reasons why the community of Easter Island died out. They abused their resources, especially trees. The sun got hotter and the plants began to die out. When this happens in a community cannibalism begins. Near my home I used to have a small forest but they took it down for a school building. Now do I not only have no privacy but I worry about what will happen to our environment especially sense we are in a small town surrounded by farms.

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