The Beginning of an End

After watching the 11th Hour movie and reading the articles this week, I have come to a moment in my young life where I am done with all the unnecessary glamour our economy produces. Yes, a cell phone is nice to have but do you NEED a $250 iPhone? … Or a second iPhone? How about that V8 Dodge Dually Truck? Wouldn’t a HYBRID car or truck look just as nice? What else can our generation be doing to stop the mindless degrading of our planet’s resources while simultaneously educating others? These questions have been running around in my mind as I reflect upon the various scenarios I either read about, or witnessed in the film we watched Tuesday and have led me to try something I call “The Beginning of an End”.

There are several simple things anyone can do to help raise sustainability awareness within their community and I am going to start close to home – in both my business as well as residence. I found out that the City of Stillwater has a “curbside single-stream recycling program” that picks-up all recyclable materials, except for glass, and utilizes them for future repurposing. This allows for less landfill waste, more convenience and a greener community. I requested one 64 gallon recycle cart for my residence and a 96 gallon cart for my business on Thursday and they were delivered Saturday. Since then, I have reduced my overall garbage output by 82%, have gotten my other business partners to pitch-in, and feel more empowered about my contribution to a more sustainable future. This “Beginning” has helped “End” a mindless process in which we throw things out as well as encourage others to make the sort of difference that only works out for a greener tomorrow because no one wants to be remembered as “that civilization”. The people of Easter Island are “that civilization” who made themselves extinct due to their own negligence of resources, overpopulation and lack of community within the small square land footage they inhabited. I strongly believe that we, as a human race, are doomed to the same fate if we do not continue to push our government, support those who are making a difference and hold companies responsible for their actions. Let’s all work together towards making “The Beginning of an End” for our planet Earth.

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