Changing Our Approach

Though my brain failed me this week in coming up with a learning epiphany, I was thoroughly impressed with both the article on “Empathetic Design” as well as the Marshmallow Challenge Dr. Armstrong presented to us in class this week. This challenge really helped me grasp the fact that people learn differently in certain types of learning environments and also understand that in order to influence a multitude of various cultures we must first change our way of approaching a specific issue. The empathetic design is based around the approach of Sustainable Design while simultaneously “walking a mile in our clients’ shoes” because in order to better understand their needs we, the designer, must be foremost aware of the resources available as well as be able to design for longevity. What we should really be asking ourselves is “how can this design function for my client in 5 years? Or what about 10 years?” By changing our approach to a design, we not only change our clients’ lives by enabling them to remain in a space longer but also reduce new construction waste – which accounts for approximately 8,000 lbs of landfill waste for a typical 2,000 square foot home. After learning about these issues from the material we covered in class this week, I would like to know more about how we can be further empathetically ‘immersed’ in a client’s life when the field of interior design does not always deal with a clients’ needs in a realistic manner. Perhaps it’s all in the approach…

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