Engaging the brain

Another epiphany has once again eluded my brain this week, but I did have quite the learning experience! Between the L.O.L.A show – which was wonderfully engaging and well done – as well as the reading, I found that the concept of measuring sustainability based upon simple social aspects (and not just energy consumption) was fascinating. This is sometimes controversial in relation to other factors of “waste” and fairly relevant in the times we are living, because there’s an alarmingly large amount of by-products not being used from new construction. This, in turn, causes our landfill waste percentages to be higher and our consumer rates to be above average – definitely more than just one specific type of energy usage.
Empathetic design will be useful – as Dr. Armstrong showed us in class – when include other social aspects – like a products use throughout a lifetime – without remodeling (a key aspect when it comes to LEED certification ratings). This process will bring awareness about other detrimental environmental practices that do not involve energy or a recycled content.
The LOLA show on Emotional Intelligence was a very engaging activity and relevant to what we’re learning because design is not just an unemotional process. It’s a process that involves our creativity, our intuition, communication, thinking and problem solving skills… activities that are necessary when interacting with a client. I am relieved this was brought to our attention because it’s vital that we, as designers, know how to speak our clients’ language as well as know what they’re thinking without them saying “Hey, this design isn’t working for me. What other solutions do you have?”
Knowing what I now know, I would like to learn more about how to be more emotionally intelligent and/or intuitive. I know there are tests available out there for us to take, but what other forms of technology are being used to evolve with these new types of IDP?

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