the more I learn, the less I know

What up, sustainable cats? Hope y’all had a rockin weekend, I know I sure did.

This blog is being written during a particularly reflective time so I hope that I can provide some good insight as to what is currently happening in my brain. I had a learning epiphany this week. Not sure when exactly but after the presentation about Emotional Intelligence last Thursday, I realized that EI is something that I am truly interested in and would love to pursue. I originally wanted to be a psychology major but my parents shot that down pretty quickly so I obviously went a different direction. However, reading about emotional intelligence and how it can be applied to apparel and interior design really intrigues me. Could I possibly pursue both design and EI? That is what I am currently thinking about. In short, my epiphany was that I have uncovered a new passion and it is something that is causing me to question what I truly want to learn more about.

I have to say that what I learned from that presentation has really caused me to explore different passions that I have: communicating with people, understanding where they’re coming from, gauging their emotions, figuring out why they do the things they do, etc. And I really love writing this blog and I’m not being sarcastic. That was honestly the most relevant part of class to me this week. From the reading I discovered that there is so much more to EI than was even touched on in the presentation. It has much greater depths than just a 5-minute rundown and I will be doing more research on it.

Knowing what I know now… I have a lot more to learn. I told you I was being reflective! Anyways, I know that I have a lot more learning to do. Learning about myself, what I want to do, emotional intelligence, how it’s used in design and where that’s happening. They may have all been very vague but hopefully there are a few pieces that can be put together 🙂

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