Two heads are better than one

What caught my attention most about all of our learning this week in class was the subject of IDP or just the idea of including many people of many different backgrounds, job titles, or perspectives  in the design of a product or building. The interiors reading for the week was interesting to me when it talked about the design of the office space and trying to make use of the space in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. It took many different brains and ideas to come up with the design for the building. It was neat to see an image of the finished product and to see how they made use of the windows for natural lighting and took into account each employees work space and what would help or hinder the space. I found this subject and example to be very useful because it is absolutely vital that as a space is being designed, it is designed in the most practical and useful way possible. It was a good example of what small changes and steps can be considered and put into action in order to create a sustainable, effective, and efficient environment.

The LOLA show was very engaging as well. I loved how different every presenters articles were and how many different examples and types of empathic design were addressed in the panel. I wouldn’t say that any one thing this week was really an “ah-ha” moment for me, but this week’s subject matter was interesting. The topic of empathic design is completely relevant in our field because it is imperative that we, as designers and merchandisers, under the needs and wants of our clients and not only on a surface level. We need to be able to create things that will last and things that consumers will love and become attached to. All of this is in an effort to create a more sustainable environment through the work in our field.

I don’t know what in particular I want to learn more about in the coming weeks. But I am very excited to see what topics of discussion are soon to come and what articles and subjects will be presented in future LOLA shows.

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